The execution of our performance enhancement programs is highly transparent and firmly based on our 5-phase-model:

Phase 1 Der Umsetzungsbegleitung von BGCN

1. Clear

Creating clarity

True comprehension is always achieved by and exchange of thoughts, not by paper – and must encompass not a chosen few but the entire organization. Anyone who wants things to be fully understood must take the time to explain them.

Phase 2 Der Umsetzungsbegleitung von BGCN

2. Anchor

Anchoring the mindset

When something is understood with conviction, commitment results! But it takes more than numbers and milestones. People insist on getting the „why“ – a reason making it worthwhile to engage.

Phase 3 Der Umsetzungsbegleitung von BGCN

3. Own

Assuming responsibility

Whoever exposes him- or herself cannot hide behind a group. Responsibility does not only mean to claim achievements, but also to stand up to setbacks and react flexibly to possible ambiguities.

Phase 4 Der Umsetzungsbegleitung von BGCN

4. Act

Testing new behaviour

Anyone expecting a functioning execution must have the ability to support it, recognize possible obstacles, and intervene with surgical precision. The maxim of the future is: Coach your people, don’t command them.

Phase 5 Der Umsetzungsbegleitung von BGCN

5. Consequence

Stabilizing new behaviour

After the change is before the change. This is the foundation for sustainably permeating the organization with the desired change: Anchor new patterns, learn from mistakes, and make this knowledge available to the whole organization.