Topics & Focus

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Themenfelder und Focus bei BGCN

Strategy Implementation

  • There is no clear strategy
  • The strategy is changing frequently
  • Implementation stagnates
  • There is no buy-in for the strategy
  • Strategy execution is not aligned
  • The strategy does not support company objectives

Organizational Development

  • The organizational hierarchy is changed (delayering)
  • New leadership teams are installed
  • Central / decentral structures are dissolved
  • Functions are relocated
  • Processes / workflows are adjusted
  • Need for downsizingh
  • Talent acquisition & retention is in jeopardy (war for talent)

Corporate Change

  • Change of ownership or holding structure
  • Merger of companies
  • Sale of divisions or subsidiaries
  • New business models become necessary
    (e.g., disruptive business models threaten
    the core business, digitalization)

Cultural Change

  • A change in corporate values
  • A new leadership culture becomes necessary
  • The company is in crisis
  • Cultures are merged
  • The ability to innovate must be fostered
  • Employees must be developed


  • New definition of roles and responsibilities
  • Lack of commitment in the workforce
  • Responsibility is not accepted


  • Organizational units think and work in silos
  • Inefficient utilization of resources
  • Processes are being „worked around“
  • Lack of teamwork and team spirit
  • Weak communication between the teams
  • New collaboration modes must be installed

Mindset Management

  • Sustainable execution of rode model functions
  • New/changed skills become necessary
  • Absence of potential analyses
  • Individuals or teams want to harvest their full potential